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Feb 11 - I've decided to start over on this whole blog thing...

John Kerry is a motocyclist!

I've been posting a lot here as happycommuter

My new helmet...
which I might get to wear sometime next month. I was planning on replacing my old Nolan N100 with an exact duplicate, but this Shuberth actually fit better. And cost twice as much :O Anyway, it's got that kewl internal sun visor and one handed operation. Thing's a piece of work.

I dropped my bike again
I've lost count now. Let's see I dropped it the first time on a group ride on gravel, then it just fell off the sidstend, then i lost my footing at a Polar Bear run in PA, then again on some hill last winter. Luckily it's a naked bike, so minimal damage occurs.

The O.C. continues to suck
but at least we got a cameo of Brad O'Keefe (Lilly's next-door doofus boyfriend from Grounded for Life playing Summer's doofus boyfriend.

New Gilmore Girls episode!
This show has jumped the shark a bit, but is still good. Last night we were blessed with a cameo by Kids in the Hall alum Bruce McCullough, and the recurring Harvard newpaper editor guy played by Danny Strong (Jonathon Levinson from a season or two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They spent a bit too much time with that "plural of cul-de-sac" gag, and Lorelai blew the family approval for the year (again) by banging Digger, but Michel was great, babysitting in much the same manner that I probably would.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Tonight the Resident will tie up all the networks with the State of the Union address. It hurts to hear him talk, and it's almost as though you can see the puppeteer working his mouth. Anyhow, look forward to minutes of monologue at a time totally devoid of meaning or polysyllabic words.

In other news, I've been off the bike since last Monday, and the whole Parked motorcycle Syndrome is killing me. This morning I saw my hero, GS500 guy, buzz by as I was walking to my cage (and trust me, as all the driving ninnies kept driving like there was ice to be seen - THERE"S NO ICE!! SPEED UP!!! - I was reacquainted with why cars are called cages. I am riding tomorrow. It will be somewhat cold, but the wind will be gone, and the only ice is in the parking lots, where I'll hafta duckwalk it.

Rice explained
This is the most thorough, accurate, and detailed explanation of what constitutes a ricer, "rice" car etc.

Finally, info on that Simple Life bumper music: Miss Hilton, ya must be worth a trillion bucks...
which was the only decent part of that stupid show.

Speedtrap listings, now with GPS coordinates!
God bless the National Motorists Association. If I were to go on a roadtrip, I could actually go look at speedtrap listings along the route, and if the GPS coordinates were posted I could add the trap as a waypoint. Then I could set the proximity alarm on the GPS to go off when nearing said speedtrap. Technology can be used for good.

NJ Keeps Passing Stupid Laws
Last Friday, the Domestic Partnership Act passed, meaning that fags will flood the state and raise our insurance. BTW, in the USA, heterosexuals haven't gotten AIDS in like 10 years. Anyway, on Monday a trio of bad automotive laws passed. To sum it up: 1) you can be convicted of DWI while having a mere .08 BAC, meaning that you are not drunk 2)cars will be expected to miraculously meet the same emissions standards that they can't meet in California, and 3) People will still drive while distracted by cell phones, but you won't get the warning sign of a driver with a kinked neck and handset pressed to their ear anymore. Nitwit drivers will resemble people paying attention upon initial inspection, till you are close enough to see the headset.

Fat guy from nearby town dumped from Average Joe 2
Despite the fact that NBC is lax about updating their website, the show Average Joe: Hawaii cracks me up. The Joes are average, and sadly average means that you probably are obese, losing your hair (and/or have wierd facial hair), or have a lot of bad tattoos. And you might wear funny glasses. Or some combination of these problems. Anyhow, the prize chick, Larissa, is a Mrs. Potato-Head right out of the same mold as that Shannon broad from the failed Cupid show: unnaturally shaped eyebrow positioned too high, a skinny little nose, and a wide mouth filled with extra teeth (or caps). At least they didn't pick another stereotypical sunbaked blonde.

Yup, Bush really is stupid.
Paul O'Neill is an American hero. I had my suspicions that W was half-retarded, didn't understand anything, and was a puppet of his daddy's friends. O'Neill was in the room, saw it, and admits it.
The government wasting our money by making sure that insecure ninnies and paranoids feel safer.

Don't click on the above link if you have dial-up, because the brilliant expose of the nefarious Bush family will take too long.

How to Adjust your Mirrors
Suppressed lifesaving knowledge. Why are there stupid questions about DWI penalties on the driver license exam, but not essentials like this?

How to adjust your car headrests
More in the "stuff everybody should know" department. Yes, headrests are there to prevent whiplash, not just as a convenience.

Code Orange, blah blah blah
Does anyone take this rainbow of security levels nonsense seriously? Even if I actually believed that it represented factual risk (and was not a government ploy to look busy, drum up hysteria and pre-empt embarassing real news), there is nothing i can do with this info. Remember that shenanigans with the duct tape and plastic sheets? Retards swamped the stores buying these items and a few rubes suffocated themselves by making their homes airtight. And no good came of it.

I'm a privacy nut (do you see my name on this page?) Anyway those supermarket bonus cards always rubbed me the wrong way, and their site will tell you why those are wrong in many ways. These are the same guys (actually I think the organization was founded by a woman) who found the RF ID chips in Mach 3 razor packages in the UK.

I tell everyone I know about Aldi, mainly because it remained a mystery to me for about two and a half years. The nearest one is about a mile from my apartment. I never even considered going there because it looked kinda run-down and was sorta on the wrong side of the tracks. Then I found out that the place was OK in the eyes of CASPIAN, so I gave it a try. It's like a mini Price Club: everything is just sorta stacked up in piles, the variety is haphazard, and the lines are always too long. But everything I've ever bought there is at least as good as name brand, and about a third cheaper. And they don't price discriminate!

spot metal prices
Anybody notice how the price of gold has gone way up recently? It was at about $410/oz last I checked. I think it was at about $280/oz in late 1999 when I bought a bunch. I guess I can thank Bush's domestic ineptitude for this!

What does your phone number spell
I love this thing. It turns out that my work number spells "I do Bad 0" and "I do CAD 0" (both of which are true!

weapons of mass destruction
and this one!

miserable failure
my first entry will prepetuate this gag!

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